It's amazing how different baby Sophia can be from day to day.

The little high-pitched squeaks she is making ensure it is impossible not to smile.

Her fascination with our cat is also amusing to watch.

Tabby cat Cheeky isn't the least bit bothered about the new arrival to her house, which seems to annoy Sophia, especially when our cat swaggers past her outstretched arm.

Cheeky isn't the only thing upsetting Sophia at the moment.

Feeding has become something of a battle and endurance test.

With teething kicking in and also skin allergies, Sophia is making taking her milk an arduous task.

As a rookie dad, I thought I was getting a hang of feeding her, but not so this week.

Every angle is tried but a sixth sense just tells her she is having none of it and doesn't want the bottle anywhere near her mouth.

Being a nosey parker is also proving to be a hindrance as every slight noise or movement results in Sophia creaking her neck to see what's going on.

Rewind the clock back four weeks and there were no issues, just a wee guzzler who was happy to enjoy her bottle as if there was no tomorrow.

Distraction appears to be the only way to get my little one to take a gulp - with television unfortunately being the immediate answer to my struggle.

Thankfully the sound of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on a kids' channel raises a smile during attempts to get her to take a morning feed.

If only everything was easy as it appears to be in the Disney favourite's world with Mickey, Minnie and Goofy helping to lighten her mood.

Sophia doesn't seem too bothered as she blows raspberries at the box, while refusing to take any milk.

It's time to bring out the big guns and wave the faithful Peppa Pig toy as I try to get her to take the bottle again.

Maybe I'm just not good at this feeding lark and Sophia can tell!

She's still not having it. Thankfully another favourite, a quirky cartoon called Tree Fu Tom, seems to do the trick and she starts to finally enjoy the bottle again.

Breaking dad, she certainly is this week!