I knew it wasn't going to be easy doing a five-day juice detox and avoiding eating lots of lovely Scottish treats.

I did enjoy some Scottish sparkling water but it's not quite the same! I managed to make it to halfway through before I failed and ate some oatcakes, oh well at least I tried. Aside from craving food I have also been out and about. I visited a House for an Art Lover at Bellahouston Park; it is a stunning venue with great surroundings. I am a big fan of gift shops and loved all the quirky products that were on display. As I was still on the juice detox at that time I didn't have a chance to sample the food but I will definitely be planning a trip to the restaurant soon.

The Trades Hall and accompanying art work also featured in my challenge this week, I was really interested to find out the story of the 'Glasgow Bouquet', designed by Doug Cocker and representing different trades and roles. I have passed it every day for the last few years and was never quite sure what it was!

I love getting out on a Sunday especially if it's not raining. We had a lovely walk through Kelvingrove Park; it's great to see that spring is on the way.

I visited the Gallery of Modern Art and the Clydebank Museum and Art Gallery. I have been to GOMA a few times but it was my first time visiting the Clydebank Museum and I was pleasantly surprised, it was great to find out more about the Singer factory and John Browns shipbuilding and the people who worked there.

This challenge has definitely encouraged me to visit new places and also to appreciate what a great place Scotland is and how much it has to offer.