REGRETTABLY, SNP councillors all too often put blind loyalty to the Scottish Government and independence above standing up for Glasgow.

That is the very reason they aren't trusted by the people to run the city and why they will this week be forced to change their leadership team yet again.

Those in the running for the top jobs have already failed to back my administration's call for a fairer allocation of funding to the city. Time and time again our city's budget has been ripped off by the Scottish Government.

That is money the city cannot afford to lose and money that should be used to pay for frontline services.

The contenders for the SNP leadership on the council will face an early test, with the Scottish Government set to change how much money each council should receive.

They have a simple choice to make. Will they stand up for Glasgow or will they allow the Scottish Government to rob us of an additional £15million?

If they fail this first test, their leadership is doomed from the start. Failure to back Glasgow will mean that the SNP councillors will remain a divided an ineffective opposition in the City Chambers.

My administration will always stand up for the people of Glasgow and it is about time the SNP Group did the same, starting with their leadership contenders.

They must join us in lobbying the Finance Minister for a fair deal for Glasgow.

From early signs, SNP councillors will continue to put the cause of independence above serving the interests of the city.

I will keep readers up to date with what they decide to do.

LAST week more than 1000 secondary school pupils from across the city attended a Commonwealth Apprenticeship Initiative (CAI) Jobs Fair in the City Chambers.

The CAI was developed to help suitably qualified school leavers secure an apprenticeship.

It's a key part of the council's £50million Glasgow Guarantee, which is tackling unemployment among young people, care levers, graduates, those aged 50 and older and armed forces veterans.

As part of this, around 3000 young people have secured an apprenticeship, benefiting not only school leavers but also supporting the local economy and businesses in the city.

My administration has committed to continuing the Glasgow Guarantee until 2018 to ensure that even more young people are given the chance to build a better future.

Apprenticeships play a central role in growing skills in Glasgow, and they offer young people the opportunity to learn new skills while earning a wage. With over 40 employers in attendance I am confident that our Jobs Fair has given our young people the chance to apply for a career path that is right for them.