GLASGOW is set to welcome tens of thousands of new visitors to the city this year during the Commonwealth Games period.

While the preparations have focused on ensuring the venues and facilities are ready and the event is staffed and resourced properly there are other issues that require attention to ensure the whole event goes as well as possible.

It has to be ensured that our visitors will be safe and a focus of that is on keeping our hotels crime free.

Tourists are always vulnerable to crime and are often targeted in many big cities around the world as people with cash and valuables with them on their travels.

So, the Police Scotland initiative to ensure hotels are not places where crime is centred is a welcome move.

Conference tourism and single events like concerts is also crucial for Glasgow and the need to secure repeat bookings is a key part of the marketing strategy so every effort must be made to ensure visitors have as good an experience as possible.

The message to the criminals and fraudsters is clear.

Keep away from hotels or you will end up with your own private accommodation - courtesy of Her Majesty.