SO many people were hoping for some much-needed good news from The Chancellor when he delivered his budget.

Sadly, as has often been the case on budget day, just as many were left feeling disappointed.

For years airports, including Glasgow, have been warning of the damage the highest aviation taxes in Europe are doing, particularly to those further away from the international hub of Heathrow.

While the cut in the highest rate will undoubtedly benefit passengers at London Airports where there are more long haul flights it will do little for Glasgow where the majority are short haul to Europe and within the UK.

Fixed odds betting terminals have been adding to the misery in poorer communities with more betting shops opening purely to increase the number of roulette machines they can operate taking cash from the pockets of people with a gambling problem and food from the mouths of their children.

Instead of spotting a problem that needs attention the Chancellor spotted an opportunity for more tax to be raked in.

The cuts to public services are to continue and the 'savings' from public sector pay and pensions will hit Glasgow more than most places.

He may have frozen whisky duty, but there's little to raise a glass to.