I am not surprised to read glowing reviews of the ITV drama, The Widower, which is based on the real-life story of Malcolm Webster who killed one wife and attempted to kill another.

Peter Morris is the brother of Claire, who was murdered by Webster in 1994. He advised the makers of the show and paid tribute to the acting skills of Sheridan Smith who depicted his sister. I think both she and Reece Shearsmith, who plays murderer Webster, were fantastic in their respective roles.

It is a tragic and very sad story yet it is gripping because it is so closely based on true events. I often despair at the capacity of humans to inflict such cruelty and pain on other human beings. After killing one wife Webster attempted to kill another five years later. These were cold, callous and calculated actions which resulted in the loss of one life and very nearly two. It is reassuring that Webster is now serving a life sentence for what he did but deeply troubling to have to accept that some humans are so depraved and deranged that they could act with such malice towards others, particularly women he had sworn to love.

Independence fight is for real

It is no surprise to me to read that opinion polls concerning voting intentions for September's huge independence referendum are narrowing by the week. I sometimes accompany Tommy as he addresses vote YES meetings and debates across Scotland.

We drove to Helensburgh's Clyde Bar on Sunday for what was an excellent and packed meeting full of commitment, passion and downright common sense on why we should take our own destiny into our hands and sack Westminster rule forever.

I was also with Tommy in Kirkcaldy last month when he addressed an audience of over 300 and a local filmmaker recorded the speech and posted it on YouTube the following week.

Now I get favourable comments every day from people at the school gate, the local shops and among friends who have watched it and been persuaded to become YES voters. Incredibly over 104,000 people have now viewed that speech on-line. Not a single newspaper has covered this fact but for a political speech to attract such phenomenal interest is surely a sign of the tide beginning to turn in favour of independence? Tommy emphasises that the 18 September vote is not about liking Alex Salmond or the SNP but about the very future of Scotland. In that sense it is not about personalities or political parties. It is much bigger and more important than that. Tommy's speech can be viewed here

Aircraft Mystery

The on-going saga of the missing Malaysian aeroplane makes me very sad. Not only can I identify with the detail of the Boeing 777 as I have worked on that type of aircraft but my heart goes out to the crew on this journey who have went to their work unlikely to ever return. Concern for passengers involved in any flying incident or accident is always uppermost in people's minds but never forget the plight of the workers either. Airline crew across the world, predominantly female, perform an essential and often dangerous job every single day. They deserve proper respect and recognition for the jobs they do. I continue to pray for all those on board that ill-fated flight