NO-ONE is saying getting fitter is easy and that it doesn't involve a degree of dedication and hard work, but the rewards are worth it.

It is especially true if you already have a health condition where a change in your lifestyle is going to improve your quality of life.

People with Type 2 diabetes fit that category and exercise ~ combined with the right diet for your condition can be the best action you can take.

For Debbie Houston, boss of a cycle shop, the answer was obvious and getting on her bike was the activity for her.

For others, consult your GP or specialist for what exercise would be best suited to your condition and your health aims.

The benefits of exercise in preventing Type 2 diabetes cannot be overstated, especially among younger people to encourage a healthy lifestyle to bring benefits in later life.

No-one is suggesting you need to be the next Sir Bradley Wiggins or Sir Chris Hoy, but the smallest of steps can lead to increased physical activity and achieving your own goals for a healthier lifestyle.

The Evening Times Active 2014 campaign is encouraging just that, and you can get more help and advice from the contact details on page 7 today.

So let's get going and get active.