1 Cameronians:

Every member of the infantry regiment was issued with a Bible. Disbanded in 1968.

2 Lovat Scouts: Made up mostly of shepherds and farmers from the Highlands.

3 Gordon Highlanders: Recruited mostly from Aberdeenshire, it merged with the Queen's Own Highlanders in 1992.

4 Highland Light Infantry: The HLI were given the nickname the 'Glesca Keelies' during the Peninsular War (1807-1814).

5 Seaforth Highlanders: Known as the Ross-shire Buffs, recruits came from the far north.

6 Royal Scots Greys: A cavalry regiment, they were given their name because they rode grey horses.

7 Royal Scots Fusiliers: Raised in 1678 by the Earl of Mar, it merged with the HLI in 1959.

8 Cameron Highlanders: Along with the Gordons and Seaforths, they now form the Highlanders.

9 Liverpool Scottish: A Territorial Army unit raised in Liverpool but made up of Scots.

10 Royal Scots: The army's oldest regiment, it merged with the King's Own Scottish Borderers in 2006.