THE latest in a long line of measures to curb traffic in Glasgow city centre is launched today.

And only one thing is guaranteed as a result of the council reviving plans to reduce the speed limit to 20mph in town - criticism.

Whenever the roads face change, drivers and business owners want to have their say and this time will be no different.

Previous alterations to city roads have come under fire, none more so than the bus lanes - or more specifically the vigorous issuing of fines for motorists who venture into the restricted lanes.

Earlier this year, a proposal to permanently ban private cars from George Square was scrapped after a public consultation.

Instead, the ban was reduced to peak times only.

The principle behind the latest plan is to reduce traffic and therefore help make Glasgow a greener, more environmentally friendly place.

The reduction in speed would also make the streets safer for pedestrians and added 'bus hubs' would make access to shops easier.

So while the plan should, on the face of it, be commended, it is vital that Glasgow City Council consults properly with all the people and businesses likely to be affected to ensure they come up with a solution that works for everyone.