1 Bob:

Slang term for a shilling, thought to derive from the Scots word bawbee.

2 Tanner: Common term for an old sixpence, possibly from the Gypsy word "tawno", meaning small one.

3 Florin: A number of coins across Europe had the name, including one originally minted in Florence.

4 Joey: Slang for a threepenny bit, after Scottish politician Joseph Hume who introduced other forms of coinage.

5 Nickel: The content of the US five cent piece was changed to nickel in 1866.

6 Dime: From the Old French 'disme', means a tenth part and is slang for a 10 cent coin.

7 Quarter: Old Spanish dollars were divided into eight bits and the 25 cent coins became known as quarters.

8 Pieces of Eight: The 8-Reale coin or Spanish silver dollar was often cut into eight pieces because it was so valuable.

9 Two-Bit: A quarter of a Spanish doubloon, it gives its name to a "two-bit" organisation.

10 Loonie: A Canadian dollar coin featuring the image of a common loon bird.