It was time for Sophia to take to the sky for the first time.

She's already demonstrated a head for heights with screams of delight when we hoist her high in the air above our heads.

I wasn't too sure, however, what she would think of being cooped up in an aeroplane.

Thankfully it was only going to be a short flight down to Gatwick to see her uncle and aunt - baby steps for Sophia, mum and dad.

In preparation for our short trip to London, the first thing that hit me was the amount of stuff we needed for Sophia. Forget anything for us, that was a thing of the past.

From bottles, outfits to formula, it all had to be accounted for before we even left the house for the airport.

Car seat and pram also had to be taken too and of course our baby passport being required due to our choice of airline.

A couple of months earlier we had taken Sophia to get her passport pictures taken.

The helpful staff in the high street photo shop placed our little one on a cushion and took her mugshots for her first ever passport.

The shop staff timed it to perfection as little madam decided to throw up just as she was lifted up after her photoshoot!

Now it was time to use her passport and start clocking up some airmiles.

With Sophia's bags all packed and a few items for ourselves, we arrived at the airport.

Instead of checking in our pram straight away we decided to take it with us up to the gate.

That decision meant we had to do a spot of juggling when it came to security.

I usually found it enough of a hassle to take my shoes and belt off going through security. That was a breeze compared to dismantling our pram and keeping Sophia settled as a queue of disgruntled passengers built up behind us.

Of course, our bag was the one chosen to be searched after going through the scanner.

Thankfully I managed to dodge a bullet when it came to tasting the sealed bottle of formula milk, with it being left to Sophia's mum.

Usually after going through security pre-baby's arrival, we would go for a light refreshment ahead of our trip away, but that was now a thing of the past.

Finding a spot to give Sophia a feed before our flight was key, especially after realising we faced an hour delay. Just our luck!

When we finally boarded, you could tell passengers on board had their fingers crossed that they weren't going to be landed sitting beside a baby.

The unlucky fellow passenger next to us thankfully had young children and wasn't too bothered having a rookie flyer beside her.

Mum took Sophia on her lap for the flight and it turned out the journey didn't even phase her.

She even had a fit of the giggles when we encountered some turbulence before landing!

A fit of the hiccups on the way off the plane made sure she raised a smile from a couple of passengers too.

The sky's the limit now for high-flying Sophia!