1 A report once said the top of Ben Nevis was to be lopped off to make way for a massive hotel.

2 In 1957 Panorama reported that farmers in Switzerland had enjoyed a bumper spaghetti harvest.

3 Flamingo Land zoo once claimed it had found the dead body of the Loch Ness Monster.

4 Reports of San Serriffe (a printing term) being a holiday ­spot shaped like a semi-colon with two islands, Upper and Lower Caisse.

5 Burger King once announced it was introducing a left-handed Whopper for all left-handed customers.

6 In 1962 Swedes were told that putting tights over TV sets would give them colour pictures.

7 Patrick Moore once said people would float if they jumped when Pluto was passing Jupiter.

8 A crowd gathered at the Tower of London to witness the washing of white lions.

9 Claims Big Ben would be given a digital readout and the hands were to be sold off.

10 The War of the Worlds broadcast saying the world would end the next day.