THE Evening Times has been campaigning to help people all over Glasgow improve their health and wants to do what it can to assist.

Today with our partners at Glasgow Life we are offering the chance of a free swim at one of the pools across the city.

If you haven't been to a swimming pool for a while we want you to take the opportunity for free to get back in the swim and maybe get inspired to become a regular.

If you are already a regular then have this one on us as a reward for your hard work.

Swimming is the ideal exercise for people of all ages and the Glasgow Life pools have sessions to suit all abilities too.

Take your pick from the ten pools across the city, north, south, east and west and take the plunge and hopefully the first few strokes towards getting active in 2014.

The swimming and diving events are sure to be one of the big attractions at the commonwealth games, but you don't need to aspire to be the next Michael Jamieson to take up our offer, but it would be great if that's your goal.

So, as the city prepares to welcome some of the top swimmers in the world to Tollcross this summer, this is a chance to sample what facilities Glasgow has to offer.

So grab your costume, trunks and towel and make a splash.