1 Kate O'Mara:

The actress, who died last week, played the scheming Caress Morrell.

2 Joan Collins: Played Caress's evil sister, Alexis Carrington, and was nominated six times for a Golden Globe award.

3 Stephanie Beacham: As Sable, she fought a "battle of the bitches" with Joan Collins.

4 Linda Evans: Played Krystle Carrington and received five Best Actress nominations.

5 John Forsythe: Was a last-minute replacement for George Peppard as the family patriarch, Blake Carrington.

6 Heather Locklear: As Sammy-Jo, she was forever involved in fights over men.

7 Rock Hudson: A brief role as Daniel Reece when his health was deteriorating.

8 Pamela Sue Martin: Cast as the spoiled Carrington heiress Fallon.

9 Jack Coleman/Al Corley: Both played Steven Carrington, one of the first gay roles on American television.

10 Catherine Oxenberg: Mysterious daughter of Alexis, the character was written out after several years.