THERE is no doubt the Commonwealth Games will cause some inconvenience and there will be disruption to travel plans.

The transport plan involves some lane closures to give priority to athletes and officials, to ensure they are able to get to and from venues and allow the smooth running of the events timetable.

Roads around the main venues will be even more busy than usual and public transport will have many more passengers.

Glasgow is used to hosting big events, but the city will not have seen anything like what is to come, so there has to be a degree of acceptance of change to travel plans and a little patience shown.

In return, however, the organisers need to recognise that Glasgow is a major city where day-to-day business must go on - it doesn't stop for the Commonwealth Games.

People still need to get to work, hospital appointments need to be kept and businesses need to use the roads network like they do every other week.

With a little understanding and cooperation, it can be ensure that Glasgow accommodates the needs of the Games and the Games understands the needs of the city.

Then we can all enjoy what can be a wonderful experience for the city as a whole.