PEOPLE Make Glasgow had a lot to live up to as a marketing slogan when it was first launched last year.

The city was home to one of the best ever campaigns with the iconic Glasgow's Miles Better in the 1980s which helped change attitudes about the city at home and abroad and still gets recognised and instantly associated with the city today.

However the new campaign has hit the right note and the latest awards success is evidence it has made an impact.

The message is one which the rest of the world will see this summer when the Commonwealth Games brings tens of thousands of new visitors.

People have applied in their droves to be volunteers at the games and have signed up to audition for the opening ceremony to show the world their talents.

The Games have brought some fantastic new venues and given old ones a new lease of life and streets are being cleaned up and revamped to make sure it looks its best for the visitors.

But the real asset has been here long before the Commonwealth Games was envisaged and will be here long after they have ended and will be most evident for their duration is of course the people.

That's why the new campaign got it right.