This week, the only time you don't need to be a 'True' Scot, new shoes soul with Paulo Nutini and why Glasgow Rocks.

The Event

This week I want to remind you lovely folk about the Glasgow Kiltwalk. There's only one way to walk in a kilt. With pride. But you can stand even taller when you don your kilt for the Kiltwalk, because you're not just wearing the clobber of our forefathers, you're raising a stack of cash for children's charities right across Scotland. On April 27, I'll be doing just that: kilting up and heading out the doors of the Hydro on the 26 mile walk to Loch Lo-mond for the Glasgow Kiltwalk.

I think it's the only time when there can be an exception to the 'true Scot' rule. The chaffing would get you right in the sporran.

You can still sign up to get involved, and you could even be a part of Team Cat (we'll have t-shirts and everything!). I mentioned it's 26 miles, but if you'd rather take shankys pony for a stroll not a gallop, there are shorter walks too (six and 13 miles). At the finish line, to celebrate the footwork of the walkers (for CLIC Seargent, Aberlour, CHAS, Children 1st, The Aila Coull Foundation), there's going to be a big party with bar, barbecue and live band to dance along to (that is, if you've not lost the power of your legs!)

The Gig

He had his new shoes on and everything was going right… and then Paulo Nutini disappeared off the face of the music planet. It could have been by choice, he's admitted that during his first dance with fame he considered exchanging the shiny winkle-pickers of celebrity for a pair of work books (and becoming a handyman).

But in the years since, rather than learning how to fix the plumbing, Paulo decided to fix his soul (by spending more time with his mates in Paisley). The result is a brand new album, Caustic Love (and tour), with more soul than a Clarks shoe shop.

On Saturday night, he played the second of two Glasgow gigs at the Barrowlands (the first was a charity shindig at King Tuts on Friday). He kicked things off with Scream (Funk My Life Up) - a song that shouted loudly: Paulo's back. Bigger and better. He did have a wee bit of help making a commotion, though, with an incredible 10-piece band.

He's definitely way more gallus than he used to be, both in sound and stage presence. I was bounced along from song to song, loving tracks like Better Man and a more grown-up version of Growing Up. This year is going to be a huge for Paulo, he's headlining Radio 1's Big Weekend in the city and T in the Park, so I'm certainly not the only one who's glad he didn't jack in music for a spanner!

The Sport

Glasgow is one of the top 10 sporting cities in the world. Score! Where we also score pretty highly is having some of the best crowds in the world. Yes, Glaswegians know how to cheer (especially those saucy Rockettes!*). And there was a whole lot of cheering going on at the weekend.

Sunday saw the final of the British Basketball League Trophy at the Emirates Arena with Glasgow Rocks (our pro basketball team) courting the Worcester Wolves. Sadly the Wolves sneaked off with the trophy, winning 83-76, but we played a good game and defiantly cheered a good cheer. Can I have a 'wHoop wHoop!'

*Just in case you didn't know The Scottish Rockettes are our fabulous cheerleadering team.

Wee Bird Recommends

Wee want to be in Street Food Cartel's gang, so we're delighted they're hitting the streets again on April 19th. On the road, under canvas on Eastvale Place (SWG3), there's going to be a huge street (food) party, celebrating all that's good about handy food! Tickets are just £5 and in-clude a 'hiya' drink.