MOST businesses that deal with the public now offer debit and credit card payment facilities.

The move by Glasgow Taxis to install new chip and pin card payment machines in their cabs is one which is welcome and will make life more convenient for passengers.

The change brings the fleet of black taxis into the 21st century and shows they have been listening to their customers, many of whom have been calling for this.

It may seem like a minor change, but when one of the taxis biggest income generators is the city night time economy where everything else can be paid for using card, it makes sense for the journey made at either end of the evening to offer the same.

It will also help businesses users and people visiting the city when they first arrive and save them having to first find a cash machine, before they make a journey.

The hundreds of black taxis and their drivers are as recognisable a sight in the city as the Evening Times and this shows as well as helping to keep the city moving they are moving with the times.

Of course you can still pay the old-fashioned way, with cash and just because you have the option of paying your fare with plastic, it doesn't mean you can't still give the driver a tip.