1 Contrary to popular opinion, they were never the highest in Europe.

But they were among the tallest buildings in Glasgow at 292ft.

2 Comedienne Karen Dunbar spent part of her childhood there, as did MSP Patricia Ferguson.

3 The story of the flats was told in a film Red Road, starring Martin Compston and Kate Dickie.

4 They are visible from most parts of Glasgow and from inside you can see Arran and Loch Lomond.

5 In 2007 Frenchman Didier Pasquette had to abandon a tightrope walk between two blocks because of winds.

6 They were built on a former cabbage patch - construction took seven years.

7 Projects have been under way to document what life in the flats was like.

8 They were designed by Scottish architect Sam Bunton, who specialised in housing schemes.

9 The flats straddle the border of Barmulloch and Balornock.

10 The stories of residents were told in a book This Road Is Red by Alison Irvine.