GLASGOW may not have been successful in its bid to host the Youth Olympic games in 2018, but there will still be benefits for the city.

The regeneration of Sighthill in the north of the city was a key feature of the bid and the plans today show the dramatic transformation that is proposed.

The project will involve replacing high rise, no longer fit for purpose, multi-storey blocks with streets of hundreds of low rise homes and community facilities.

The regeneration vision aims to create homes and communities that people want to live and build a future in, in place of flats that people were desperate to move out of creating hard to let houses and communities in decline.

This year is the year of the Commonwealth Games and the focus in Glasgow is on the benefits that event can bring, but the Sighthill regeneration will be one to rival any others.

Glasgow needs thousands of new homes which are affordable for local working people, and it can be seen across the city with new build social housing projects.

Glasgow has to look to the future and replace what either did not work or has reached the end of its lifespan with new homes in viable and vibrant communities.

That's something we can all sign up to.