ONE of the most infuriating images of Glasgow people consistently complain about is dirty streets.

Whether it is in the city centre or high streets around the city, the sight of fast food boxes, chewing gum, cigarette ends or disgusting dog mess, it is a blight on our landscape.

The number of fines handed out to people flouting the litter laws shows, despite a high-profile Clean Glasgow campaign and visible enforcement officers, that far too many people are not getting the message.

Litter is unsightly, unhygienic and displays a disrespect for the city and a complete disregard for its citizens.

The Commonwealth Games will be bringing tens of thousands of visitors to the city this year and there should be an effort to keep the streets clean, but regardless of the games we should make the effort for ourselves and not just our visitors.

The fines are many and amount to a hefty sum of cash going into the council coffers, which many people will moan is just an income generator.

We there's an easy way to stem the flow from this particular cash cow and that is to stop dropping litter, stub out the fags responsibly and pick up after your dog.

Nothing could be simpler.