This week, it's my birthday and there ain't no party like a Glasgow party. PS You're all invited!

It's my birthday today! 21…honest! I'm not telling you lovely folk so you can wish me Happy Birthday (but in advance, thank you so much, you are ever so kind, how on earth did you know!). In fact, I thought it would be a good excuse to explore the best celebratory things you can do in the city. Your birthday wish is my command.

Singing Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday is surely one of the best songs ever. Mainly because it usually means that cake is on the way. You also don't need to be X Factor ready to get through the lyrics, absolutely everyone sounds good singing it (although that could be because of the anticipation of said cake!).

With vocal chords already warmed up, though, there's nothing like a spot of karaoke to keep the birthday sing song going.

Glasgow has a long tradition of Saturday night crooners and there's a few options in the city for belting out birthday ballads. Both old and new. The Horseshoe Bar, one of the cities most famous boozing establishments, boasts Europe's longest bar. However, it's also pretty famous for it's baritones too. There's karaoke here every night. No entry fee, just turn up with your revellers, find your dutch courage and step up to the mic.

If you prefer singing somewhere a bit more private (like in the shower), Lucky Voice is a good alternative. Lucky Voice (a well-oiled karaoke machine, with venues all over the UK) has found it's home in Glasgow in Mansion House. Personally, I'd bypass the sprawling bar and nightclub and head straight to the private karaoke rooms upstairs, which can be hired for a song (from £2.50 an hour). With a wide selection of songs and drinks at the push of the button, this is how to say Happy Birthday Japanese style.

Birthday cake making

So, with the singing out of the way…what comes next? Cake! Chocolate cake, sponge cake, lemon drizzle…who needs presents when a cake is a gift for everyone! But rather than hastily scooting to your local supermarket to buy one before scrabbling around in 'that drawer' (that has everything in it) for the candle holders you were sure you had…what about having a cake party?What a delicious idea!

There are a few companies that host making and decorating parties for kids and adults. One that I found, that looks particularly yummy is Little Miss Fairy Cake. They hold classes at their studio but they'll also come to your house or a venue of your choice, bringing all the ingredients for a great party. And, the icing on top? They'll even bring bubbly!

Ride the party

Birthdays are the one day of the year that you get to behave like a child again; whether it's ripping open your cards or making a fuss about getting the biggest slice of cake (just me?). So what better way to feel like a kid than learning how to ride a bike.

However, I'm not just talking about putting one wheel in front of the other. I'm talking about really riding…like an Olympian, for example. The velodrome at the Emirates arena is one of the most modern in the world and, although it's named after him, it's not just for the likes of Chris Hoy and his mighty thighs! Anyone can have a go!

The velodrome runs a series of workshops and taster sessions to help you get used to the fixed gear bikes and how terrifyingly steep the banking at the sides actually is! Seriously. Take two pairs of shorts! It's one way to get your heart racing on your birthday - and simply by counting the candles on your cake!

Wee Bird Recommends

Wee Bird likes Hot Dogs, so this week we would highly recommend a trip to newly opened Nic's NYC Deli on St Enoch Square. With chilli dogs, donuts and sandwiches with titles like Heart Stopper it's for those days when only naughty will do…But naughty is incredibly nice. Delicious in fact!