1 Chuck Berry:

The Poet Laureate of Rock and Roll was among the first batch of inductees in 1986.

2 Everly Brothers: Don and Phil's assault on the charts in the 50s and 60s saw them inducted.

3 Fats Domino: Perhaps not a rocker but a huge figure in the rhythm and blues scene.

4 Elvis Presley: Arguably the most influential performer of the early rock and roll era.

5 Little Richard: He claimed to be the "architect of rock and roll" with songs like Tutti Frutti.

6 Buddy Holly: The Peggy Sue singer was inducted 29 years after his tragic death.

7 Sam Cooke: Considered the definitive soul singer, he is remembered for his warm, rich voice.

8 Ray Charles: The piano genius was one of rock's early stars.

9 Jimmie Rodgers: Known as the "Father of Country Music", he played a mix of blues and hillbilly.

10 James Brown: The "Godfather of Soul" was another shoe-in for the first batch of inudctees.