1 Double Your Money:

Hosted by Hughie Green, it was first broadcast on Radio Luxembourg.

2 Call My Bluff: Long running show in which contestants try to explain the meaning of an obscure word.

3 Password: Originally a US show, contestants were given clues to the password and had to guess it.

4 Criss Cross Quiz: It combined noughts and crosses with general knowledge.

5 Take Your Pick: Hosted by Michael Miles, it had a yes-no interlude where contestants could be gonged off stage.

6 Top of The Form: A University Challenge-style quiz for teams of secondary pupils.

7 What's My Line: One of the most durable game shows on TV, on both sides of the Atlantic.

8 The 64,000 Dollar Question: Bob Monkhouse asked contestants questions worth ever-increasing amounts of cash.

9 Concentration: Two people played against each other to solve rebuses covered by squares.

10 The Golden Shot: Monkhouse again, this time with Bernie the Bolt and his crossbow