It was a long and beautifully scenic drive to Oban last Thursday, with a fair share of dangerous winding roads, but the trip to listen to Tommy address a #HopeOverFear meeting in support of a YES vote in September's Referendum was well worth it

As soon as we arrived we were overwhelmed with hospitality and kindness. The legend that is Ian Hamilton QC and a few others had booked the largest hall in the town, The Corran Halls, and 350 chairs were ambitiously laid out.

Before the meeting could start another 100 chairs had to be brought in and 40-50 people had to stand. Almost 500 people turned up to listen to Ian Hamilton and Tommy promote the case for a YES vote.

It was one of the best public meetings I have ever attended. I believe a video of the event has now been placed on YouTube. Even Gabrielle enjoyed it. She is often bored and tells Tommy she has 'heard it all before' but during the drive home she entertained us with her recital of the reasons to vote YES. Not bad for an eight year old.

She gets her good looks, elegance, manners and sense of style from me but her speaking confidence definitely come from Tommy. I can't help thinking something special is happening when audiences of that size in Oban turn out to hear the case for independence.

It really is shaping up to be a momentous five months in the run up to the September 18th vote.

I didn't believe the vote could be won a few months ago but now I am convinced Scotland will become independent in five months time.

One early request is for our independence day to be shifted from September to June or July. Such an occasion merits an outside party annually not a rain soaked dirge.

Gabrielle's First Communion

I can be quite highly strung at the best of times but my stress levels now are off the richter scale. Gabrielle's First Communion ceremony is less than three weeks away. I am panicking big time. Dresses, shoes, veil, marquee, catering, guest list. The 'things to do' list just keeps growing.

I know it is a religious ceremony and should not be reduced to materialist concerns but I have been looking forward to this day since Gabrielle was born eight years ago.

It was a very special day for me thanks to the efforts of my mum and this will be a very special day for my daughter on May 4th.

Tantrums and Tiaras will be the order of the day for the next three weeks. Tommy better get the mop, duster, paint brush and wallet out as his work is cut out for him, regardless of his moans and groans to the contrary.

Hacking trial

I see former Sun and News of the World editor Andy Coulson is now in the witness box at the phone hacking trial.

The married man of three children admitted to a six year affair with married Rebekah Brooks.

He apologised for all the hurt he caused his wife and others. Am I the only one who finds the hypocrisy nauseating?

The man who used to delight in splashing stories of affairs with associated editorials slamming the various accused adulterers as lying hypocrites is now exposed as... a lying hypocrite!

Can't wait to learn of the jury's decision in this case.