WITH the independence debate ­currently dominating our daily news headlines, it's hard to believe we are still five months away from the actual voting day.

And even harder to imagine what other tricks each camp could possible have up their political sleeves to sway those still undecided on how to vote on September 18.

One headline that did catch my eye this week, besides the "Zac Efron strips at the MTV Awards," was that apparently women are more sceptical about Scottish independence because they favour "head-over-heart" arguments and are better at spotting so called "bluff".

Well, of course, we are.

It comes from a lifetime of reading magazines that promise to love our bodies no matter what shape and size, while at the same time offering us miracle diet tips and airbrushing every cover model used within an inch of their lives.

Then there's the adverts on TV promising to turn back the clock 20 years by using only a drop of the latest magical moisturiser and if you don't believe them it was also voted best new product in, wait for it, that magazine mentioned earlier but surely our internally built 'bluffometer' has never been so tested as when it comes to dealing with men.

Yes, after experiencing a first date with a man who laughed, cried and told me he worked for MI5 but would have to kill me if he revealed anymore.

So instead, he spent his life posing as a call centre worker who was a black belt in Karate (think of Ross from Friends when he tried to say Karate) and enjoyed knitting in his spare time as a means to soothe him for his and I'm quoting here 'unbelievable life', wading through the current indy ref Fact v Fiction arguments is a piece of cake for us ladies.

Currently women make up 52% of the Scottish population, so I think we can agree, an extremely important and essential group of voters that both campaigns should be fighting for, so the question is, what do we want?

We could start with equal pay across the board in the work place, more women being given opportunities for promotion at senior management levels and better, more affordable childcare options, allowing women to enter the work place to achieve the same salary and job opportunities as their male counterparts.

If the information is accurate and the majority of women in this country are still undecided, then both groups should be fully focused on winning that vote to ensure victory in September and stop wasting time on the tit-for-tat point scoring and scaremongering that's been going on recently.

So there you have it.

If you want our vote, all you have to do is stop sending our finely tuned bluffometers into overdrive and start dealing in facts and truths.

It's true what they say, honesty is the best policy and the truth will set you free.

DELIGHTED to announce that I will be making a guest appearance with the fabulous Honest Sam and the Dealers at their gig next Thursday April 24 in the Berkeley Suites in Charing Cross Glasgow.

If you're a fan of Americana Music, then this is a night not to be missed and I'll be doing a little country tribute to the wonderful Patsy Cline.

The event kicks off at 7.30pm and tickets can be bought at the door for £5.

YESTERDAY saw the launch of the Charity walk from Celtic Park to Anfield Stadium in Liverpool in remembrance of those who tragically lost their lives in the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.

All proceeds going to the Lola Commons Fund in partnership with the Simba Charity, which offers support to parents whose babies have sadly died, been stillborn or miscarried.

Iain McGovern, along with many others, including Lola's mum Lisa Hague set off from Glasgow's East End yesterday morning with the hope of raising as much money as they can for this wonderful cause.

Please, if you can donate, no matter how small, your generosity would be so gratefully received and I can tell you right now you would be making a huge difference to so many parents lives that have to face this unimaginable tragedy.

You can donate by simply texting lola15 to 70070. Thank you.