1 Edward Woodward:

The Christian police officer, Neil Howie, who is burnt in a giant wicker statue.

2 Christopher Lee: Horror movie star who played Lord Summerisle, the island leader.

3 Britt Ekland: The Swede played the role of Willow MacGregor, who tries and fails to seduce Howie.

4 Walter Carr: The star of the Vital Spark was cast as the island schoolmaster.

5 Diane Cilento: Sean Connery's then wife was lured out of semi-retirement to play the school­mistress, Miss Rose.

6 Ingrid Pitt: Another horror movie star who played the island's librarian and registrar.

7 Lindsay Kemp: A dancer and mime artist who played the role of the pub landlord, Alder MacGregor.

8 Russell Waters: A Glasgow-born actor who made a brief appearance as the harbourmaster.

9 Irene Sunters: Best-known as Maggie Ferguson in Take the High Road, she played the mother of missing schoolgirl Rowan.

10 Geraldine Cowper: Played Rowan Morrison, whose disappearance led to Howie coming to Summerisle.