NEW figures show more than 100 people received a potentially life-saving organ transplant in Greater Glasgow in the last year.

The number of people choosing to donate organs after their death was the highest ever at 34 and that increase is to be welcomed.

But we believe the number of people benefiting from transplants could be so much higher if those in power backed the Evening Times Opt for Life Campaign.

It calls for Scotland to switch to a system of presumed consent for organ donation like they already have in Wales.

More than 20,000 people have signed our petition and MSPs have urged the Scottish Government to move quickly to introduce an opt-out system.

With individual organ donors potentially able to save several lives, an opt-out system could lead to a massive increase in the number of people whose lives are transformed by organ donation.

Too many people remain on the waiting lists and, sadly, there are some who die before a suitable match is found.

Moving to presumed consent would give those in desperate need of a transplant more of a chance of enjoying a normal life.

That is why our Opt for Life Campaign continues to need your backing.