THE SUNNY weather of recent days has brought with it the usual mad dash to wear fewer clothes and enjoy the rise in temperature.

But as new figures out today show, the better weather brings with it a reminder of the health risks associated with sunnier climes.

Cancer Research says the number of people in Scotland diagnosed with skin cancer has more than quadrupled, with 180 Scots dying from the disease every year.

While some of the rise can be put down to people using sun beds, it is also a fact the level of natural protection from harmful UV rays is not what it once was.

Even Springtime Scottish sun is a danger and those risks are multiplied once the summer exodus abroad begins.

With a few sensible precautions, however, a day out in the sun can still be enjoyed safely.

Parents have become a familiar sight in recent years making sure their kids are protected with high factor sun cream.

But it's not just youngsters who need to be careful and the many Scots with fair complexions must take particular precautions.

Just a few minutes could save your life and ensure there are many more happy days in the sun to make the most of.