After weekends away and travelling I decided to do something closer to home. It's Easter weekend and my friend Lucy is coming up from Leeds for a wee visit. I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Doing a bungee jump has been on the list for a long time. I have been adventurous over the years because I have skydived, done a canyon swing, white water rafted, swam with wild dolphins, but something had always stopped me doing the head first, tied at your ankles jump. It had to be rectified and when better to do that than the year of my 30th.

The Highland fling bungee jump at Kilicrankie (near Pitlochry) fitted the bill. It gets rave reviews from trip advisor and was only a two hour drive away. I of course asked if Lucy would accompany me to hold my hand and perhaps distract me from the butterflies on the way up. She obliged along with my other friend Claire. So on we went on our road trip on what was a gorgeous Saturday morning, a perfect day for a jump.

We arrived at the Kilicrankie visitor centre and bungee sign in an hour early. Which was good actually, got checked in and sat in the sun while Lucy then decided she would jump with me, she just had a fear of missing out. Not that I was complaining, I welcomed her presence.

We get taken to the bridge, the site of the jump and get harnessed up, butterflies grumbling, we then climb up two ladders onto the bridge itself. It's all grilled so you can see directly below you, yup, nerves have well and truly surfaced now. Then we follow our guides to the centre where you can see the lower level platform where the actual jump takes place. Wringing my hands now. Nervous energy.

We watch two guys from our six strong group jump and then it was my turn to climb down the ladder. Deep breaths. Although I have to say my nerves are holding. I'm chatting away to Jason as he sorts the ankle straps, just enjoying the view. I guess as I was so determined to do this that was still the main feeling, determination and excitement of getting it done. Fulfilling this personal goal.

So the time comes and the main guy steps forward, he introduces himself, Matt, or was it Mike?! If I'm honest my brain isn't processing much other than trying to not think about what I'm about to do! You penguin shuffle forward, baby steps out onto ledge, he then tells you to walk to edge with your toes just over. Arms stretched out, trying not to look at the drop below, the gorgeous water and tree tops. He counts to three and that's your cue to jump.

So I did.

Well after a deep breath of course. I can't believe it! Straight off, no thinking just doing. I can't even begin to describe it. It was incredible. Sheer adrenaline rush. Then you're just swinging! Upside down and disorientated. I still can't quite believe it even as I write this. It's a bizarre feeling. It then feels like an eternity for the second rope to reach you, which you've then to clip on to your waist harness whilst your hands are shaking uncontrollably. I think for me that was the worst part, the hanging around with no control. Then slowly you get pulled back up. You're standing in front of the crew, they've unhooked you, bungee off, ankle straps off, up the ladders and you're watching the rest of the group. Surreal does not even cover it. It was amazing, almost outer body experience. Did that actually just happen...Did I fling myself off a bridge and now sitting back comfortably, well almost comfortably with the other crazies?

Watching Lucy go after me was a bit scary, although I was still buzzing from my jump, I knew how scared she was so I'm really proud of her. When she's back beside the jumpees she's shaking from head to toe, I guess she had a different experience from me and as she would tell you herself, she hated it, and would not do it again. However I wouldn't say no to another jump but I'm also not planning one. All I know is I felt great afterwards. I definitely walked a bit taller all weekend.

The fabulous weekend continued with a celebratory night out. Just want to say thanks to Claire for photography skills and joining the road trip and also to Lucy for coming up to visit, I had a blast!

As for Highland fling bungee, thank you for another tick off my list. I do have one gripe, which I'm not alone if you read reviews. You pay for the jump, then add on photos or videos etc, I went for photos. However you don't get a hard copy on day and you need to go through rigmarole of a download to get them stored on your computer. I thought for the money you're spending it should be more substantial. Anyway, I got my photos and I loved my bungee. The team were fantastic and kept the nerves for myself and Lucy. So overall a great day out.

Kilicrankie bungee jump, number 8 flinging fantastic!