THE investigation into the operation and location of bus lanes across Glasgow is a welcome move and it is not before time.

Bus lanes and enforcement can have a place in a wider traffic management system for the city centre and main arterial routes, but they must be fair and they must be sensible.

The Evening Times has highlighted some of the crazy decisions, like fines issued on Christmas Day when no buses are running, and the operation in some cases of a 24-hour bus lane when no buses run through the night.

The decision to re-think the strategy is a victory for commonsense and for the Evening Times readers who have challenged the wisdom of some bus lanes.

Bus lanes have a purpose at certain times of the day when there is pressure on the roads and public transport is given priority.

What they must never be is a cash cow purely with the aim of generating income for the council, because if they are effective the income would be minimal.

So we say well done for having the debate and being prepared to re consider how and where bus lanes should be used.

Now it must be ensured the voices of those who use the roads in both public and private transport are listened to.