SCOTLAND'S MSPs will have an opportunity to bring about a change in the law which will save many lives every year.

If the Bill being proposed by Glasgow MSP Anne McTaggart is supported by her parliamentary colleagues in the same numbers as the Evening Times Opt For Life campaign then it will be passed with cross-party support.

Member's Bills can sometimes have a difficult progress as rival parties can be reluctant to support political opponents, but sometimes an issue comes along that they are united on.

The opt out campaign to change to a system where everyone is assumed to be a donor unless they specify otherwise, with safeguards, is one of those issues.

SNP, Labour, Tory, LibDems and Greens have shown support through various channels and a majority have said they are in agreement.

MSPs always are expected to scrutinise any bill brought forward, that is their job, and if it can be improved on during the process then it is to all our benefit.

What we, the charities and medical organisations are now looking forward to is a process that is constructive, consensual and with no political posturing.

This is more important than that. This is life and death.