1 God Save The Queen:

The Sex Pistols song in 1977 was banned because of its lyrics.

2 A Day in the Life: The Beatles song was said to contain drugs references so felt the wrath of the censor.

3 Leader of the Pack: The Beeb disliked the death theme in the song by the Shangri-Las.

4 Relax: The Frankie Goes to Hollywood song sold two million in the UK - despite the BBC ban.

5 Monster Mash: Banned it in 1962 because it was too morbid. It got to No 3 in 1973.

6 Lola: Banned not because it dealt with a transvestite, but because the Kinks used the phrase Coca Cola.

7 Je t'aime…: Heavy breathing and moaning was way too sexy for the BBC in the 1960s.

8 Hi, Hi, Hi: Sexually suggestive lyrics and drugs references led to the Wings' song being banned.

9 Eve of Destruction: Barry McGuire's Vietnam protest song got restricted play by the BBC.

10 Ebony Eyes: The Beeb thought the Everly Brothers' lyrics were too upsetting for listeners.