GETTING children involved in sport or physical activity as early as possible is a must if the health risks of inactivity an obesity are to be tackled.

Many things need to happen for that but sometimes the simplest form of sport can be the most enjoyable.

Judy Murray knows all about coaching and facilities and the need for the very best to produce elite athletes and champions like her two sons Jamie and Andy.

But she also knows that facilities for all and enough people involved in coaching to allow more kids to participate is essential.

Yes there needs to be more local venues for tennis and many other sports so versatile community facilities are the key, but also people need to get involved to supervise and inspire children.

Judy backed the Evening Times Active 2014 campaign which recognises that any form of physical activity is good and no matter your level doing a little bit will bring bigger benefits.

We want to encourage people of all ages to take those first little steps to a fitter, healthier lifestyle whether it is walking swimming, or joining a class at the local leisure or community centre.

By getting Active in 2014, the year of the Commonwealth Games, we can get on the road to a legacy of a healthier city for us all.