ANN Moulds fought a long and hard campaign to finally have stalking successfully recognised as a crime, but still her work is not done.

The Evening Times Scotswoman of the Year winner is still at the forefront of the effort to ensure the legislation which was passed is effective in ensuring the perpetrators of this tortuous crime are brought to justice.

The conference involving police prosecutors, victims organisations and health workers is exactly the kind of effort required to ensure everyone understands the law and the seriousness of what people are experiencing.

There are many different ways is which stalking can destroy people's lives and each case will be different from the next.

Like many other crimes where there are difficulties gathering evidence for prosecution, there needs to be an effort to ensure victims feel confident to report the crime, and that means being taken seriously when they do.

Greater awareness and understanding of the crime will bring more reports and hopefully more convictions.

Ann Moulds' campaign did not end when legislation was passed and in many ways the hard work lies ahead, where hopefully action will lead to fewer people having to endure what she did.