Thank the Lord for Paul O'Grady. His comments on breakfast TV yesterday helped me hold back the tears as the devastating news broke regarding the one that got away.

Yes girls our collective dreams have been crushed. The one and only George Clooney is no longer available. I met him only once but was hardly able to communicate as I stared into his delightful brown eyes and tried to remain professional and calm as I asked him if he wanted tea or coffee. What I really wanted to blurt out was that I'd have been more than willing to run away with him to his Lake Como pad and live happily ever after staring daily at his gorgeous face and listening to his sexy voice. Alas my confidence evaporated in the certain knowledge that this man of beauty with the choice of models and actresses across the planet wouldn't have looked side ways at a mere air hostess from Govan. Still we are all allowed to dream. Thankfully Paul O'Grady told his story of meeting George one early morning in a top notch hotel in Switzerland about how he was totally shocked but secretly uplifted to notice that the gorgeous one was somewhat bedraggled, pale and watery eyed. "He looked like a dog" said O'Grady. So George Clooney is not perfect. He has off days as well. How reassuring. The lucky lady he's got engaged to is beautiful, very intelligent and the envy of woman across the globe. I hope she's not the jealous type! Och well, we can't all be swept off our feet by an international and adorable film star. I'll just have to content myself with my own wee star even if he resembles George Formby more than George Clooney.

Give me sunshine on a Sunday

How many men does it take to put up a small marquee? I will find out tomorrow night and I am expecting tears and tantrums. Gabrielle's First Holy Communion is this Sunday and the vagaries of our weather means I have to have an insurance policy against the rain as over 40 guests join us at home to celebrate her big day. That means we need the wee marquee in case it rains. So it better be done right or else heads will roll or rather Tommy's head will roll! It is fair to say my nerves are frayed to the very edges. Tommy is scared to sit down for a minute in case he incurs my wrath at the undone tasks he is still working through. I've had him painting, gardening and generally running about ragged. I am confident all the work we are putting in will be worth it when we see Gabrielle and all the other wee ones on Sunday. I would pray for a sunny day but I always think it is inappropriate to pray for such trivial things. Instead I will just keep my fingers crossed. That will prevent me putting them across Tommy's throat if I get one more moan out of him.