1 Who Framed Roger Rabbit?:

Hoskins played private eye Eddie Valiant.

2 Mona Lisa: He played George, just out of prison, who gets a job driving a call girl.

3 The Long Good Friday: Hoskins played Harold Shand, a London gangster, who hopes to cash in on Docklands redevopment.

4 Hook: Played Captain Hook's sidekick, Smee.

5 Enemy at the Gates: Gave an excellent portrayal of the ex-Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev.

6 Made in Dagenham: Played shop steward Albert Passingham in the movie about the women workers' strike.

7 Beyond the Sea: Played the role of Charlie Cassotto Maffia in the biopic of Bobby Darin.

8 Nixon: Memorably portrayed FBI chief J Edgar Hoover in the Richard Nixon biopic.

9 The Cotton Club: Played Owney 'The Killer' Madden, a gangster who ran the famous New York jazz club.

10 Mrs Henderson Presents: The actor stripped off to play theatre producer Vivian van Damm.