This week, Paul Hollywood's buns, bacon rolls at the Kiltwalk and giving the bikini round a miss in Miss Scotland.

The Show

Keen to make some dough, the handsome dish that is Paul Hollywood has taken his buns on the road for his first ever live tour, Get Your Bake on Live. I went along on Wednesday night to check out his Glasgow serving at the Royal Concert Hall.

Paul is the cherry to Mary Berry's bakewell in the Great British Bake Off, but on this tour he's going it alone. We learnt quite a lot about him on the night, but mainly that he's really very naughty. It was double-entendre pie, full of sticky fingers, ball rolling and making it (the dough) hard. Mind you, the - largely female - audience definitely egged him on.

The show is a strange magi-mix of anecdotes, baking and laughs. However, the hilarity of the first half lost it's lustre in the second, when things got a wee bit soggy bottomed. But it was clear the crowd still had an appetite for it.

Initially I was a wee bit sceptical, but the proof was in Paul's the pudding. It's surprisingly alluring watching a man bake, I think it would make most ladies crumble…

The Challenge

On Sunday morning, I was up bright and early and, like many other Sunday's, I had a bacon roll in my hand. What was a wee bit different was that I was with 6,000 other folk in the Hydro giving it laldy in an unofficial world record attempt at The Slosh. In kilts.

It was, of course, the Glasgow Kiltwalk and there's no better way to get warmed up for a 23 mile hike to Loch Lomond than trying to remember the moves to that 70s classic! It was an incredible experience to walk - what felt at times like 500 - miles with the thousands of other Glaswegians, all putting their best foot forward for charity.

There was plenty of banter along the way, in fact, the only way to get through walking a near marathon was with lots of laughs. I met loads of lovely people - on hand with spare blister plasters, water and caramel logs.

At the finish line at Lomond Shores, there was a big party with a barbecue and live music. My pal pointed out that it looked like a get together for the ministry of silly walks as we all hobbled around trying to find somewhere dry to sit. Silly, yes, but also seriously worthwhile, it's hoped the walk will have raised nearly a million pounds for Scottish children's charities. Go Glasgow!

The Event

This week was the final of Miss Scotland. I was busy filming all day but intrigued, having never been to the event before, I just couldn't miss Miss Scotland. Plus I got to meet Scottish actor Martin Compston, who was one of the judges.

Beauty pageants have come a wee way since their heyday in the 1960s, when male judges whipped out their measuring tapes to size out the competition (how would you like us to do that to you fellas?). It's waxed (no jokes about bikini rounds) and wained in the years since, but it's still quite a big deal. Especially for the girls themselves, that see it as a stepping stone not just to opportunities here in Scotland but to compete in the final of Miss World.

All the girls seemed lovely, genuine and, yes, incredibly beautiful and a huge congratulations to this year's winner, Ellie Keating. But if I'm honest there were times I felt a wee bit uncomfortable. Personally, I don't want to judge a girl by how she looks in her smalls, I want to get to know her, maybe be her friend and high-five her for all the cool stuff she's accomplished. But then, I'm not a bloke.

However you feel about beauty pageants, you can't grumble about the fact the male equivalent of Miss World - Mr Universe - gave us Arnold Schwarzenegger. So, perhaps it's just me that's shallow, it's clearly not all about good looks!

Wee Bird Recommends

It's a Bank Holiday weekend! So, this week, Wee Bird recommends getting your dance on at the Glasgow Riverside Festival with electronic greats like 2ManyDJs and Felix Da Housecat. There'll be good tunes and great food, with vendors like Breaking Bread. See you on the dance floor!