THE work to redevelop Queen Street Station will provide Glasgow with a modern transport facility and, with the electrification programme, faster links to Edinburgh.

However travel within the city is equally important as travel outwith and it needs to be ensured that local links are not only maintained but strengthened.

There will be disruption, that is obvious with a project of this scale, and Network Rail have given assurances it will minimised as much as possible.

The work will take around five years to complete which is a long time for passengers and people who work nearby to put up with inconvenience.

So SPT are right to air their concerns to Network Rail about access to the station and the potential impact on the wider city travel network.

The local suburban services, like the Maryhill line, often the first to be suspended when there are capacity issues, are also of concern and passengers need to be assured services will be maintained.

Hopefully, Network Rail are able to give those reassurances and, where concerns remain, engage fully with SPT and passengers to ensure this redevelopment goes smoothly and is able to realise the opportunities for better transport for Glasgow and beyond.