1 Falkland Islands:

Classed as a British Overseas Territory, there are 1600 military stationed there.

2 Kenya: An army Peace Support Team and training unit are posted near Nairobi.

3 Germany: Around 20,000 personnel are stationed there as part of the Rhine Garrison.

4 Brunei: Around 900 military are there as part of a mechanised infantry battalion and helicopter unit.

5 Sierra Leone: The UK has an International Mine Action Training Centre based near Freetown.

6 Gibraltar: Around 1000 personnel are on The Rock, a British Overseas Territory.

7 Afghanistan: British troops are stationed at Camp Bastion as part of a Nato deployment.

8 Diego Garcia: A 40-strong armed forces division is on the coral atoll in the Indian Ocean.

9 Cyprus: There is a total of 3200 troops currently stationed at two bases, Akrotiri and Dhekelia.

10 Canada: A British Army training unit is stationed at Suffield, Alberta.