Well what a day we had on Sunday.

My wee angel was like a princess in her First Holy Communion dress, and she and the seven other children on the altar were wee stars. All of them were gorgeous with the one boy looking as cool as a male model. He will certainly break a few hearts as he grows up.

Gabrielle had her parents and all her guests in tears as she thanked everyone for coming to her celebration and bringing wonderful gifts before stating that the most important thing in her life is "friends and family". I was so proud of her.

Only one thing annoyed me. I love this country but honestly this bloody weather it can really be a scunner. I didn't pray for sunshine as that would have been too selfish but I had hoped for a few rays. Instead we got drizzily rain. Tommy blamed the NO campaign and says it is because of all their negativity. Whatever the truth even the rain could not spoil what was undoubtedly one of the best and proudest days of my life. In truth, I've waited eight years for it and Gabrielle didn't let me down. Even Tommy did okay as he played the chief dish washer and chauffeur for many of our guests. His teetotal life style does come in handy during social occasions. It allows me to have a wee glass, or two...

Whatever happened to real friends?

I am not a big fan of Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. I prefer the days when considering someone a 'friend' meant you knew them, spoke with them and trusted them rather than clicking on a profile picture or a 'follow' button. Perhaps it is old fashioned but it is how I am. The latest row on Twitter and Facebook illustrates yet again how inadequate and sick some folk can be on these sites. The young man Stephen Sutton who has incurable cancer but has tried to do something positive by raising funds to pay for support services and counselling for other young sufferers has been attacked for being allowed out of hospital temporarily. He has been accused of "duping" folk into donating money to the cause he is championing. How pathetic. These folk are apparently called 'trolls'. I think sad and shameless would be more appropriate. Stephen's retort to the fools hopefully embarrassed them; "Sorry to disappoint you! I still have my cancer and it's incurable, if that makes you feel less 'duped' x." Great spirit and well said.

Glad I ignored Clifford

A wee shiver went down my spine as the Max Clifford verdict and sentence was announced last week. By all accounts he was a manipulative and unpleasant man who thought he was above the law. I recall being contacted by a London 'agent' in 2006 after Tommy's successful libel trial against the News of the World to be offered a meeting with Clifford because he was interested in 'representing' me. I didn't need or want anyone to represent me but Tommy was adamant that Clifford was toxic and I shouldn't respond. I didn't. That was good advice.