AFTER a week of being sick, Sophia is finally on the mend.

And boy, is she hungry following her struggle to keep her food down.

Thankfully she's enjoying munching once again, much to the relief of the cat who was in the firing line of a few projectile vomiting episodes.

Teething is still proving a major pain for Sophia, but with two popping through, she now has a fine bite on her.

This week was never going to be straight forward with a house move on the cards.

Trips to see Granny as boxes were cleared out of the house gave her a break from stressed-out mum and dad.

However, our house switch was the last thing she cared about - making the move herself was firmly on her mind.

Sophia was determined to master crawling after weeks of edging so close, but still not quite managing it.

Reversing appeared not to be a problem but going forward was so far frustrating her.

However, that was all about to change.

A text message from my surprised wife revealed she had finally achieved it.

Now there was nowhere for our cat to hide as Sophia was coming straight for her.

The cat's food also had to be moved in a hurry after we found our little one trying to tuck into it too!

She's ready to go at speed for anything that takes her fancy, which means we have learned the parental skill of having eyes at the back of our heads.

If things go quiet all of a sudden, we know she's up to something.

The bonus of being able to crawl means she can aim for anything she can spot on the floor, which usually results in her trying to put it in her mouth.

I've already lost count at the number of times I've lifted her and turned her in the opposite direction.

Babyproofing our new house is now firmly in motion.

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