SO-CALLED legal highs might not be against the law, but that doesn't mean they are safe, far from it.

The police may not have the same powers they do when they go after those supplying the classified drugs, but that doesn't mean dealing in these substances should be tolerated.

The calls for City Property, the council-owned commercial landlord, to make it clear to tenants that selling these substances will not be tolerated is a welcome addition to the campaign against them.

People taking these chemicals think they are safer than illegal drugs but the nature of their composition is unknown and they can cause a range of conditions and can ultimately be fatal.

Shopkeepers who sell the drugs under the cover of plant food or bath salts are aware of the intended use and are aware of the dangers posed to the consumer, but are prepared to supply them for profit.

This is not the type of retail business we want in Glasgow and if the council property firm can shut them down then they would be doing the city a service.

Recent deaths from legal highs should serve as a warning to anyone intending of taking them and the threat of eviction and forced out of business could be enough to stop otherwise legitimate businesses from being involved in their supply.