THE Stockline tragedy of May 11 2004, when nine people died was one of the saddest Glasgow has witnessed.

People still remember where they were when they heard the news, and many in the city heard the blast, unaware of the disaster it heralded.

What it also showed was the bravery and community spirit in Maryhill as people helped those who could escape the collapsed building and then provided comfort and support for the families of those still missing.

The skill and expertise of our emergency services, notably the firefighters, in the days that followed became clear to all as they searched the site with other rescue workers.

Ten years on, the city has remembered those who died and stood beside the families whose lives were devastated by their loss.

Glasgow is no stranger to tragedies where multiple lives have been lost, but each time the response is the same caring and generosity of spirit.

The cause of the disaster is known and it became obvious that it should never have been allowed to happen.

The lasting memorial to the men and women who died and the families they were taken from must be to ensure a similar disaster does not happen again.