The United Nations were nearly called into the Sheridan household this week as warlike hostilities broke out.

The reason for the dispute? A double-booked hall at Lourdes Primary school. As the chair of the Parents Council I booked our monthly meeting for this Thursday, May 15.

Our lovely janitor Harry then informed me last week the main hall was not available as it had been booked for another meeting.

I was not pleased and then nearly blew a fuse when it turned out the individual who had booked the hall was none other than my husband.

I can tell you if we had a dog that's where he would have found his dinners last week.

After a few rows his sister played peacemaker and explained the nearby secondary school was unavailable that night and since Jim Sillars was joining Tommy on the stage to encourage folk to vote YES he needed another venue close by for that evening.

Obviously I support the cause so that sort of placated me but the real reason Tommy has not been flung out on his ear is that I love Jim and want to hear him speak myself.

He was the first non-Labour candidate I ever voted for in the 1989 Govan by-election.

Now it transpires that not just Jim Sillars but accomplished Glasgow actor David Hayman will also be speaking alongside Tommy.

Now that is a line up of speakers that I think is worth listening to. So the peace accord involves our Parent Council meeting at 6pm and finishing in time for the 7pm start.

For all those in the Cardonald area considering going along on Thursday night to hear the case for a YES vote in September I would advise you to get there early as it is not a ticketed event and entry is free so there will be a good turnout.

Conchita won my heart

It may not be hip or cool to admit to but I love the Eurovision song contest and I always make a wee night of the event with some of my airline buddies.

This year was superb. It was the most exciting for years. At least three or four entries could have easily won on the night.

As it happens my tip and by far the best song and performance actually did win. Austria's Conchita Wurst is a drag queen with talent and guts. Her rendition of the ballad 'Rise Like A Phoenix' was stunning and its underlying message of tolerance, love and peace was well received on the night and across Europe.

Even although I wasn't that keen on the stubbily look I thought she was fantastic at the Bond theme like song.

The next day I listened to various pundits suggest it was neither the best song nor performance. Rubbish! I also listened to contorted explanations as to why Russia was constantly booed on the night. It was all to do with the situation in the Ukraine apparently. Again I think these pundits are out of touch. Russia's role in the Ukraine is less offensive to the majority of Eurovision enthusiasts than their repressive legislation regarding lesbian, gay and transgender rights.

The truth is Eurovision night tends to celebrate diversity and love in all its shapes and forms. That's why Austria's President felt compelled to describe Conchita's result as above all a victory "for diversity and tolerance in Europe". I agree.

Passing the baton

Commonwealth Games fever is off to a flying start in all the primary schools in Glasgow. Our wee Lourdes Primary school is planning many events this week. By far the most ambitious being a human chain of 400 pupils passing a baton hand to hand through the centre of our Cardonald community. Weather permitting on Friday morning if you are nearby come along and give them a cheer.