1 Toronto:

Canada's biggest city, it lies on the shores of Lake Ontario. Its population is 2.5million and its sights include the famous CN Tower, which at 1815ft was once the world's tallest building.

2 Vancouver: The most westerly of the country's major cities, it is a seaport in British Columbia. It is named after explorer George Vancouver, an English officer of the Royal Navy.

3 Montreal: The largest city in Quebec and named after Mount Royal, a hill in the city. French is the city's official language.

4 Calgary: Famous for its annual stampede, it is the largest city in the province of Alberta.

5 Ottawa: The capital of Canada, it is ranked the third cleanest city in the world. The name is derived from the word adawe, meaning "to trade"

6 Winnipeg: This is the provincial capital of Manitoba and was a trading settlement in aboriginal times.

7 Halifax: The major city in Nova Scotia (which means New Scotland) is a major financial centre. It was the birthplace of Samuel Cunard, who founded the Cunard Line shipping line.

8 Edmonton: Capital of Alberta, it is known as Festival city and home of the Oilers ice hockey team.

9 Quebec City: The most French city in Canada, it lies on the St Lawrence River.

10 Regina: The capital of Saskatchewan, it was named for Queen Victoria by her daughter Princess Louise.