WE have known for some time there were going to be changes to the traffic arrangements around George Square.

Now we know when they will be implemented and what the alternative routes for private cars are to be.

The aim is to promote public transport and walking and cycling in the city centre and to reduce pollution in one of the areas which is both busy with traffic and pedestrians.

The plans have met with some scepticism and there may be concerns about access to Queen Street Station, and displacement of pollution to other parts of the city centre.

Bus gates and bus lanes have caused much controversy and anger at other sites in the city centre, so it is important that the council gets this one right.

The plan has to fit in with the overall city centre traffic management and not simply create congestion hotspots in other places.

Time will tell how successful it will be, but if it works we could be looking forward to a cleaner and more pedestrian-friendly city centre and George Square.

On the other hand if the plan needs to be changed or adjusted, then the council must be willing to listen to the people and - if necessary - think again.