THE call for people in the south side of the city to reclaim the streets is a good example of a community looking to show its togetherness.

Women in the area are right to be concerned following recent sex attacks - but they are also right to expect they should always be able to feel safe walking in their own streets.

At all times, but especially in the wake of these heinous crimes, it is incumbent on everyone to look out for others in the community to show solidarity and to report any suspicious behaviour.

What deters criminals, whether it is sex offenders, muggers or housebreakers, is the thought that they could be seen and reported to police.

So a community that is aware of the risks and prepared to act to keep its people safe is one which is more likely to be avoided by those looking to do harm.

The best way to prevent any repeat of these despicable offences is to ensure that the culprits are caught as quickly as possible and anyone with information must report it to the police.

Crimes like those seen in Govanhill and Toryglen recently are always given the attention they deserve by the police and with the support of the community those responsible can be brought to justice.