I AM feeling a bit uneasy this week and just a little bit queasy.

I'm hoping however, it will be cured come Sunday.

What is making me uneasy is the apparent growing popularity of Ukip, but more worryingly, what is making me queasy is some even more sinister groups stirring up hatred but pretending to be "standing up for Britain", whatever that means.

I wanted to turn it off, but for professional reasons I felt compelled to watch the Party Election Broadcast by those calling themselves "Britain First".

It was little more than an anti-Islamic broadcast which under any other circumstances would not have been allowed on our screens. What they really meant, with their warnings of Mosques taking over the landscape and Mohammed being the most popular name in some areas, was "Whites First".

Then the group shamelessly tried to tie their message of anti-immigration, particularly Islam, with support for our armed forces today and what men and women fought for in the Second World War.

We are all entitled to our views but I don't think our forces, past or present, served in order to create a racist, insular, all-Christian Britain. Ukip are little better with Nigel Farage letting the thin mask slip with his comments about being worried if you ended up living next door to Romanians.

I'd be concerned if Nigel Farage moved in next door.

When a country faces tough economic times there can often be a search for a scapegoat. It is easy, but dangerous, to exploit frustrations to blame foreigners, taking our jobs, draining our benefits system, jumping the housing queue and committing crimes.

Nigel Farage and co are in favour of relaxing employment regulations and cutting corporate taxes but little is to be said about protecting workers rights and reducing the widening inequality gap.

They tell the people suffering as a result of austerity, whether it is people dependent on food banks or workers whose wages have stagnated that their enemy is people from other counties coming to Britain because they are suffering similar or in some cases far worse in their own country.

But little on the individuals and corporations who are still managing to multiply their own wealth while contriving to pay as little tax as they choose.

Mr Farage promotes himself as a man of the people, but I'm not sure what planet, never mind country, those people are from and their support in some parts of the UK is astounding as it is worrying. It is not my place to tell anyone who to vote for any more than it is yours, but I hope that those spouting racial and religious hate and those encouraging xenophobia are sent a strong message when we get the results on Sunday. You are not welcome.