This week, McBusted for my music tastes, raising a Drygate glass to the Commonwealth Games and feeling a bit Joan Collins.

The Gig

Whatever credibility I might have, it's about to be McBusted out of the water. Yes, that's right. This week, I went to the McBusted gig. Please do not disown me (just yet). It was, actually surprisingly good.

The evening felt a bit like the Pulp song (I'm trying to claw back some credibility here) 'Let's all meet up in the year 2000'. Two of the biggest selling British pop-punk bands of the noughties, McFly and Busted have combined to make a 'super-group'. The lads now slightly older (see, I can't feel too bad about liking them) have reincarnated themselves not so much as a man band, à la Take That, but in a 'Back to the Future' version of their own youth. So much so, that the show opener saw the boys from Busted arriving - with a bang - in a DeLorean. Ah, McFly!

It did set the stage, though, for the ludicrous tongue in cheek caper, that was part Saturday morning kids TV show, part school disco. That said, you can't grumble with the hits, their set list contained an incredible eight number ones (no clangers here) and I'm not ashamed to say I knew (almost) all the words. From Air Hostess to Crashed the Wedding and All About You, these are songs that you go to a gig for… it might not be particularly cool or alternative, but it was riotously good fun.


We might not yet be particularly well known for our sporting prowess, but come July and the Commonwealth Games that will no doubt change. We're generally better known, globally, for making a fine drop, be it whiskey, gin or beer. So, there's a nice wee bit of symbiosis going on; along with the regeneration for the Games, this week the first UK experimental craft brewery opened in the East End of the city.

Drygate Brewery is a collaboration between specialist brewers Williams Bros and the makers of Tennent's lager. So it has some clout (as well as stout). The idea behind the brewery itself was to have a place, not only where beer is brewed but (funnily enough) drunk as well. There's a bar onsite, along with a restaurant, run by the folk behind the acclaimed Vintage in Leith, as well as a visitors centre with all the brewing geekery you could ask for.

I think Drygate might just be the perfect tipple to toast Glasgow's (fingers crossed) success come summer!

VIP Event

I am a child of the 80s. That means I like big hair, Dynasty-style. That kind of oomff, used to be the crown and glory of Americans only, who have Blow Dry bars on every corner. We were never into such faff. However, things have changed. In the last few years, a quick blow has become more and more popular with the ladies.

Several places, both salon and stand alone, have popped up in Glasgow. I went along this week to the newest hair-raiser on the block, MB's Blobar (hidden away beside Forbidden Planet on Buchanan Street) for their VIP launch party. Yea, just call me Joan Collins.

MB's have a blow-dry 'menu' of six specially chosen looks, from vintage glam to super sleek. It means you can avoid that awkward conversation with your hairdresser where you end up telling them you want to look like a cross between Kate Moss and a poodle. In fact, I think that's the beauty of the blow dry craze, how easy it is. A blow dry isn't just a load of hot air, either, it's good for the soul too. The lovely Lisa, took me from feeling flat to (seriously) bouncy in just 20 minutes.

Wee Bird Recommends

It's a Big Weekend in Glasgow, with Radio 1 hitting the streets, but if that isn't to your tune, Wee Bird recommends something, altogether, a bit more Wicked. Check out the acclaimed musical Wicked at the Kings Theatre until the 31st of this month - wee reckon you'll be spellbound.